Highlights from Our Trainings – September 2017

Highlights from Our Trainings – September 2017

Performance-Based Contracts participants with Public Works Partners' Celeste Frye and Doneliza Joaquin

September was an enriching month of programs at WPTI on various topics to support workforce development practitioners. Check out the highlights and photos from our four trainings. We thank all of the training participants, guest presenters, and panelists for their participation and sharing their knowledge and best strategies.

We hosted Performance-Based Contracts: Leading Your Organization to Success in partnership with Public Works Partners. The training focused on considerations that staff should take when managing contracts with performance metrics and managing programs with a high-performance model. At the end of the training, there was a role play activity for participants to practice having conversations with staff around performance management.

This quarter’s Employer Engagement: Securing Quality Job Leads and Making Placement Outcomes training featured a panel of exemplar Job Developers: Warren Marchany (Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation), Sean Reyes (Queens Community House), and Adriane Mack (East Harlem Talent Network), along with their employer partners: Times Square Alliance, Brooklyn Foodworks, and Shiftgig. The conversation with the panel focused around building trusting relationships; screening the right candidates for work; and sharing experiences forming partnerships.

Panelists sharing their strategies at Employer Engagement: Securing Quality Job Leads and Making Placement Outcomes

A new Job Developer who attended the training noted that the training provided answers and strategies to his questions on job development and employer engagement. He said, "I left the Employer Engagement Training with a plan of action and an idea of what to expect while in the field. This training was extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend it to job developer/employment specialist no matter how experienced you are.

Our Workforce 101 training provided an overview of the New York City workforce development system. The overview included workforce development history, legislation and policy, and the NYC workforce system’s major funders. Workforce Field Building Hub Stacy Woodruff also introduced the Hub and described its mission to unite and strengthen key stakeholders in the diverse and wide-reaching workforce development field. To learn more about the Hub, visit its site at http://thehub.workforceprofessionals.org/

During the summer, we gave our customers the opportunity to vote on what training that they would like to have take place. The trainings on labor market intelligence came out on top. At the end of September, we present Labor Market Intelligence 201: Customizing Labor Market Intelligence to Meet Your Workforce Program Needs. During the training, participants delved into labor market intelligence exercises on specific sectors and occupations of the participants' choosing (technology, healthcare, food service, manufacturing, retail, or construction). They also practiced gathering information on the hotel industry for an industry intelligence report and adapted it to their own program. During the training, they also discussed strategies for updating their intelligence reports on a consistent basis and how to best share labor market intelligence research across their organizations. One participant from the workshop was very excited by his takeaways from the training: “This really drove home the need to use labor market information strategically.

To learn more about our upcoming trainings, check out our training calendar here.