The Hub in the New York Daily News

The Hub in the New York Daily News


We are very excited to see our Hub Director, Stacy Woodruff, prominently featured alongside many of our peers and partners, including Advisory Committee Member and JPMC Global Philanthropy VP Jennie Sparandara, in the NY Daily News Workforce Development feature on November 9th.

"It is heartening to see a major NYC publication take notice of the importance of workforce development in our City," said Ms. Woodruff. "Better awareness and recognition of promising efforts already underway can only help to shed light on what is necessary to prepare workers for careers with family sustaining wages. The Hub's purpose is to help align an often siloed system, and features like this that showcase the interdisciplinary nature of workforce development help to stir the conversation, and bring parties together to collaborate and scale solutions."

See below for Stacy's comments in the articles, and links to the specific piece and overall feature:

A complex mix of actors is working to improve workplace development programs across the city. Stacy Woodruff, director of the Field Building Hub at Workforce Professionals Training Institute, says coordinating their efforts is a key challenge.

“There is a lot of money being put into workforce development, but it’s not always being spent in the most effective ways,” Woodruff said.

“Increasingly, young adults are being locked out of the labor market if they don’t have high school diplomas or skills,” she added.

“Not everybody goes from high school to college to a career, so making sure there are ways to connect those people to the workforce is of great importance.”

The Hub Feature in NY Daily News

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