The Hub Resources Page Launches

The Hub Resources Page Launches

The Workforce Field Building Hub was established in part to amplify effective models and practice for preparing, connecting, and advancing individuals to the labor market. To support this goal, we are launching the Hub website Resources page. The reports, tools, and thought pieces included on the page each pertain one or more of the following categories:

  • Foundational Documents upon which The Hub was developed, including reports such as Re-envisioning the New York City Workforce System (2013) and Career Pathways: One City Working Together (2014);
  • Hub-Related Initiatives, including reports produced by the Workforce Benchmarking Network and on the JobsFirstNYC Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project (YASEP); and
  • Reports Produced by Hub Partners, including the Pinkerton Papers series written by Steven Dawson.

We have created easy to use filters at the top of the page, so that visitors can sort the resources by their topic (systems change, practice change, policy change, workforce system) or by the source of the article.

In addition, you will be able to find reports and resources produced by The Hub on the Resources page, such as the Monitoring the Minimum Wage briefs.

We will continue to add resources to this page throughout the year, and we welcome suggestions from the field for how to continually make this Resource page useful and current.

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