New Hub Resources, June 2018

New Hub Resources, June 2018

To the growing list of interesting publications, this month we are sharing new resources that concentrate on the workforce in New York State; NYC neighborhood economic profiles and the new geography of jobs; and the connection between small businesses and workforce development. Visit the Hub Resources page to access reports.

  • State of the Workforce (NYATEP): A brief describing the dynamics of the New York state regional economy; who is and is not working; what sectors and occupations are growing across the State; and the number of potential workers produced by New York’s education & training systems.
  • NYC Neighborhood Economic Profiles (NYC Office of the Comptroller): An economic snapshot of every borough and Community Board district in the city, with information that charts how businesses and populations have changed between the years 2000 to 2015. The report includes data such as the number and types of businesses in neighborhoods; changes in population; the number of building lots zoned for commercial use; and information about the age, race, and commute times of local residents.
  • The New Geography of Jobs: A Blueprint for Strengthening NYC Neighborhoods (NYC Office of the Comptroller): An analysis of neighborhood-level business growth between 2000 and 2015 and series of recommendations on how to harness economic growth for the benefit of local residents.
  • Making the Connection. Aligning Small Businesses and the Workforce Development System (Center for an Urban Future): A report describing the challenges of linking small businesses and workforce development services, and the opportunities to better connect these employers with the city’s complex system.

Moreover, the second in a three-part series, From College to Life: Relevance and the Value of Higher Education (Gallup and Strada Education Network) digs deeper in the consumer perspectives on the relevance of high-quality education among those who are currently employed and have taken at least some college courses.

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