New Hub Resources, May 2018

New Hub Resources, May 2018

Following the April 16, 2018 Insights post Hub and WPTI Staff Attend STEM Solutions Conference, we are adding to The Hub’s Resources page several resources and reports that were shared at the conference.

  • The Good Jobs Project provides data on the concentration of good jobs for non-bachelor’s degree workers both nationally and by state. The project focuses also on good jobs by industry and occupation;
  • Dismissed by Degree (Harvard Business School) investigates degree inflation – the rising demand for a four-year college degree for jobs that previously did not require one and its effect on the workforce;
  • Work in Progress (Business Roundtable) assesses skill gaps from the perspective of CEOs of leading companies in the US;
  • From College to Life (Gallup and Strada Education Network) report is the first in a three-part series examining how college courses affect consumer perceptions of the value and quality of their education as well as their general well-being.

Additionally, we are sharing the tenth annual New York City Government Poverty Measure report (Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity). It offers policymakers and the public a more informed alternative to the U.S. official poverty measure and is adapted to the realities of the city’s economy.

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