Here to Here Convening

HERE to HERE, a network in the South Bronx seeking to create, enhance, and expand multiple pathways to rewarding careers for in-school youth ages 14 to 25, convened nearly 150 leaders from the business community, high schools, post-secondary programs, city and state agencies, foundations, and …

The Hub Welcomes Senior Fellow, Dr. James Parrott

The Field Building Hub will be partnering with an array of organizations and experts in workforce policy and practice as it launches initiatives designed to improve the effectiveness and functioning of the workforce system. We are pleased to announce as a Senior Fellow to The Hub Dr. James Parrott, a long-time expert on New York City and state economic and fiscal policy issues.

Minimum Wage Increase Panel

New York City is in the midst of its largest increase to the minimum wage in over half a century. NYC’s minimum wage began diverging from the federal rate of $7.25 per hour in 2014, when it increased to $8 per hour, and will continue year over year increases to $15 per hour (for businesses with 11 or more employees) through the end of 2018. These changes confront the local workforce development field—inclusive of businesses—with an array of opportunities and challenges for preparing, attaching, and advancing entry level and low skilled workers to the labor market.

Gotham Gazette Op-Ed by Sharon Sewell-Fairman, WPTI Executive Director - "A Critical But Too Often Ignored Piece to New York City’s Economic Recovery"READ HERE