Voices from the Frontline is an initiative of the Workforce Field Building Hub at WPTI, devoted to examining and elevating the experiences of the professionals providing frontline services across New York City’s workforce system. Through this initiative, the experiences of frontline workers will inform workforce policy and practice across New York City, with the goal of developing a workforce system that better supports the individuals providing critical frontline services on a daily basis.

Beginning with a survey of more than 350 workforce professionals across New York City in early 2020, conducted in partnership with the CUNY Labor Market Information Service and followed by a survey of 200 workforce professionals in Spring 2021 in the wake of COVID-19, conducted in partnership with the Center for NYC Affairs at the New School,the Voices from the Frontline initiative explores:

  • Who comprises New York City’s workforce development frontline workforce;
  • Their motivations for entering and staying in—or leaving—the workforce development field;
  • Their long-term career goals;
  • The challenges they face on a day-to-day basis; and
  • The effects of city policies and funding conditions—public and philanthropic—on their work experience.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the experiences of frontline workers, including emerging needs and new work norms in a remote, technology-driven work environment

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