About WPTI

Who we are and the values that guide our work

Our mission

WPTI increases the effectiveness of people, programs, and organizations that are committed to generating pathways out of poverty through employment. Our three-tiered approach strengthens capacity at all levels of the workforce development system.


  • Integrity: To deliver our work with the highest ethical standards built on trust, honesty, and accountability
  • Innovation: To consistently stay ahead of the curve of change, be intentional about influencing future trends in the field; and leverage creativity and cutting-edge resources in delivering our work
  • Knowledge: To foster learning, share best practices, and constantly broaden the paradigm of delivering workforce development services and programs
  • Community: To serve as ambassadors of engagement fostering a sense of community across practitioners, providers and funders in the workforce development industry
  • Excellence: To be relentless about quality, professionalism, achieving impact and measuring success
  • Partnership: To be committed to collaboration and building meaningful relationships with practitioners, providers and funders to advance the field of workforce development

Who we are

Founded in 2004, WPTI is the leading provider of learning, consulting, and systems building to New York City’s workforce development organizations and practitioners. Utilizing comprehensive resources, including industry experts, direct employer input, academic research, labor market information, and adult learning principles, we help our clients create a more employable workforce for the economy of the future. We forge partnerships among thousands of practitioners, funders, and government agencies to create systemic workforce improvements for the long-term economic growth of individuals, families, and communities.


Our Approach

Through a three-tiered delivery model, we partner with funders, nonprofit providers and practitioners to align thought leadership, trusted advisory services and state of the art learning resources. Our work is centered around bridging new partnerships, driving systems and practice change and increasing the core competencies of professionals in the field who are essential in preparing today's and tomorrow's workforce.