Workforce Field Building Hub

Connecting and unifying stakeholders in the workforce development community to plan a more effective system


Our Vision

To bring together key leaders from government, foundations, the nonprofit and business sectors in New York City and nationally with the goal of identifying common challenges and solutions that align policy, systems, funding and program innovation to strengthen the workforce development ecosystem.


What inspires us to do this work?

Driving our work are three overarching priorities:

  1. Improve the delivery of services and employment outcomes for the thousands of individuals that engage in workforce programs
  2. Enhance the quality of work for frontline workers in the field
  3. Establish a unified vision for tomorrow's workforce community that aligns funding, practice and the human capital needs of employers

The focus of our systems building work

  • Finding new ways to meaningfully engage the employer community and measure the effectiveness of industry and employer partnerships
  • Evaluating, promoting and standardizing best practices in workforce development both locally and nationally
  • Sharing resources and models of program innovation that advance the field
  • Building communities of practice across stakeholder groups to share learning, shape systems and improve outcomes
  • Documenting impact and areas for coordination and collaboration across large workforce development initiatives
  • Promoting collaboration to influence key leaders in the field and create a better and more responsive workforce system
  • Cultivating new relationships and deepening partnerships among stakeholders to combat poverty, meet the needs of employers, and boost New York City’s economy

Evaluating Outcomes, Creating Impact

The Hub strives to translate insightful data and outcomes into actionable recommendations. Research-based best practices, examples, tools, and guidelines (called Success Drivers) allow everyone to learn from each other and improve their practices, systems, and programs so they result in the best outcomes for the community. A summary of the benchmarks can be found in the report.