More. Better. Faster. Cheaper.: WPTI Launches 10-month Digital Transformation Learning Community for NYC Workforce Development Organizations

Machines and computers have been transforming the modern workplace for decades.  The pandemic supercharged this transformation over the past two years.

In response, Workforce Professionals Training Institute (WPTI) has launched the inaugural cohort of our Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) Learning Community.

WPTI Welcomes New Board Chair, Colin Mincy of Human Rights Watch

Workforce Professionals Training Institute (WPTI) is delighted to announce the appointment of Colin Mincy, Chief People Officer at Human Rights Watch, as our new Board Chair. Colin is a global HR, talent and work culture thought leader who became Human Rights Watch’s inaugural Chief People Officer in 2019, when the organization elevated the role to demonstrate its commitment to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and to ensure a resilient and thriving staff that reflect the organization’s global role, identity, and mandate.